Holster Aware

In critical situations officers must focus on protecting themselves or others. Yardarm Holster Aware wirelessly activates an officer’s body-worn camera when they may not have the time, or free hand, for manual activation.

Be Holster Aware
  • Holster Aware can be installed on the industry’s widest range of lethal and non-lethal holsters including firearms, Tasers, and pepper spray.

  • Holster Aware continuously monitors holster state and sends wireless event notifications when a weapon is unholstered.

  • Holster Aware interoperates with the industry’s leading body-worn video providers.

Protect those who serve

In today’s smartphone culture everyone can start recording video in an instant, departments rely on body-worn video to capture the truth of a critical event. But in critical situations hitting record is an afterthought. Departments and officers are both asking for a solution that turns cameras on reliably, leaving no room for dispute and helping build community trust.

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Motorola Holster Aware Demo

NEW VIDEO from Motorola introducing Holster Aware with the V300 body-worn camera. "This demo provides information on how to connect and use the V300 Holster Aware. Holster Aware is a sensor that fits on your holster. It detects the presence of your weapon, and notifies your V300 body-worn camera to start recording when it’s unholstered." [...]

French Ministry of the Interior Chooses Motorola Solutions to Modernize Frontline Policing With 30,000 Body-Worn Cameras

Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) today announced that the French Ministry of the Interior will deploy 30,000 of Motorola Solutions’ VB400 body-worn cameras to its National Police and the Gendarmerie (military police) to modernize policing. The roll-out of body-worn cameras, valued at $17.5 million (€15 million), is one of the largest ever deployed and is expected to start in [...]
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Malta Police Deploys Motorola Solutions’ Body-Worn Cameras to all Frontline Officers

Motorola Solutions today announced that Malta Police Force has deployed Motorola Solutions’ VB400 body-worn cameras to all frontline officers across the Republic of Malta. The roll out is part of Malta Police Force’s transformation strategy which aims to modernize the police force while increasing trust and transparency with the community. The five-year service contract for [...]

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Yardarm partners with industry-leading technology companies delivering critical services and connected devices used in law enforcement, the military, and private security. Yardarm sensors are designed to integrate with today’s connected officer solutions for both local connectivity and platform-based real-time solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Yardarm Holster Aware Sensors.

Yes, it is designed to detect the moment a firearm is removed from its holster.

Yes, Holster Aware in conjunction with a custom holster that contains a mounting location for the sensor and are sold in combination as a Connected Holster.

Not at this time, to ensure detection the Sensor must be bought in combination with a Connected Holster.

Holster Aware can work with Pepper Spray using select holsters and canisters, please contact us at sales@yardarmtech.com to inquire further.