Find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Yardarm Holster Aware Sensors.

Yes, it is designed to detect the moment a firearm is removed from its holster.

Yes, Holster Aware is in conjunction with a custom holster that contains a mounting location for the sensor and is sold in combination as a Connected Holster.

Not at this time, to ensure detection the Sensor must be bought in combination with a Connected Holster.

Holster Aware can work with Pepper Spray using select holsters and canisters, please contact us at to inquire further.

Most duty and tactical holsters provide a mounting location for Holster Aware. There is an installation application for Android that will let you test an existing holster for a mounting location.

Holster Aware works exclusively with the Yardarm Connected Holster and does not support installation on third-party holsters. Taser X26P and Taser X2 Connected Holsters are available, and the Taser 7 Connected Holster is currently in development.

Holster Aware attaches to a holster using 3M VHB adhesive tape.

Holster Aware is attached using 3M VHB adhesive tape at a predetermined location on the Yardarm Connected Holster.

A mobile app and simple instructions are provided to determine the best possible mounting location on a holster.

Holster Aware becomes pairable for 1 minute when connected to power. Follow your camera partner’s instructions for pairing with a camera during the 1-minute window.

Holster Aware supports both direct pairing and beacon mode camera activation. The choice of direct pairing or beacon activation is determined by the camera partner.

Holster events can be transmitted through an available data channel when Holster Aware is paired with a connected device such as a smartphone, LMR, or GSM-enabled body-worn camera.

Holster Aware can work with any Bluetooth-enabled body-worn camera.

Yardarm can certify resellers who are already authorized resellers of an existing Yardarm camera partner.

Contact your camera partner to schedule a demo.

Holster Aware uses a rechargeable battery with a 30-day battery life between charges.

Holster Aware comes with a standard 1-year warranty with options to purchase a 1 or 2-year extension within that first year.

Holster Aware should not be charged daily. Yardarm recommends charging every 2-3 weeks for the healthiest battery.

Holster Aware must be calibrated when installed on a holster.

If the mounting location on the holster was Excellent, the sensor will not need to be recalibrated. If the mounting location was Good, recalibrate every 6 months.

If you remove Holster Aware from a holster, clean off all tape and secure new VHB tape from your camera partner before installing it on a new holster.