Yardarm Technologies is inventor and developer of connected weapon technology and manufacturer of sensor hardware enabling the world’s leading connected officer solutions. The company’s products allow agencies to capture critical data by activating body-worn cameras or alerting command and dispatch during use-of-force events. By deploying Yardarm technology its partner companies and agencies save lives and improve community trust.

  • Enabling the Officer

    Police officers in the field have the potential to work more effectively than ever before using new technology. They are now connected, not only to colleagues in the control room, but to a system of devices that capture and record a vast array of information and data.

    Yardarm automates critical systems, letting officers focus on responding to events and situations based on their training. Officers aren’t forced to manually activate body-worn cameras or remember ever evolving department policy during life-or-death situations, Yardarm automates connected officer systems during use-of-force events. Through automation, Yardarm enforces current department policy and lets officers focus on critical events as they unfold.

  • Supporting the Officer

    Agencies can enhance the safety and efficiency of their officers by creating a real-time connection between an officer’s gun and holster and command. When a weapon is drawn, fired, or separated from the officer an alert is instantly delivered to the E911 dispatcher to allow immediate support and backup to be sent to that officer’s location.

    Yardarm has developed the core technology departments use to ensure critical data is captured when an officer uses a weapon in the line of duty. Its Holster Aware sensor communicates weapon events to the connected officer eco-system, activating body-worn cameras, and enabling real-time alerts for command and dispatch. This real-time intelligence ensures agencies are collecting the data they need to protect themselves, ensure the welfare of the officer and fulfill its commitment to the community for oversight and transparency.

  • Supporting Open System Standards

    Yardarm technology and products are designed using open system standards, delivering the most universally available weapons sensors for connected officer platforms. Most of today’s connected officer ecosystems have adopted open standards and are supported by the majority of law enforcement agencies around the world.

    Adopting open standards and allowing platforms flexibility on deploying Yardarm technology leads to better functionality, improved interoperability, and most importantly, increased life-cycle longevity.

    The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted 14 separate patents to Yardarm Technologies including over 100 independent claims covering multiple aspects of the connected officer ecosystem.