The Yardarm Holster Aware sensor pairs to a participating partner’s body-worn camera and attaches to a pepper spray holster. When the sensor detects the canister being unholstered, it automatically activates the officer’s body-worn camera. Holster Aware can be installed on many common non-canvas pepper spray holsters.

  • Versatile
    Designed to mount on most tactical and duty holsters, allowing for quick, simple installation on legacy equipment.
  • Simple
    Fits seamlessly on your holster. Offers experience no difference in holster feel or motion and in no way interacts with the draw of a firearm.
  • Wireless
    Bluetooth Smart wireless for safe, secure wireless operation.
  • Flexible
    Fully configurable AES encrypted pairing allows for officer assigned activation, pooling configurations, or one-to-many activation with certain camera partners.